Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find current Agri Plus job offers?
  • on our website, in the Job offers tab
  • portal
  • portal OLX
  • District Labor Offices
  • announcements on selected websites of universities and secondary schools
How much will I earn?

Adequate to your competences, which we will determine during the recruitment process.

What benefits do we offer?
  • group insurance
  • medical care
  • sports card
  • lunch cards
  • integration meetings
  • subsidies for recreation and holidays.

You will find the full range of benefits in our announcements. You can also ask for details
during recruitment.

When will I receive feedback?
  • After sending your CV:
    • At this stage, we will only contact you if your application is selected for further recruitment activities.
  • After interviewing you, you will certainly receive an answer from us, regardless of the result:
    • feedback appears by the deadline set during the recruitment interview.

We reserve the right to conduct recruitment via a different path than the standard one.