Professional development

Realizing that the most important capital of the company are competent people, able to deal with challenges and problems, we try to create conditions in which our employees could develop and increase their competences.

Operational employees on parent farms have the opportunity to expand their knowledge and production experience as part of various development programs, e.g. Training Tracker, expanding the knowledge and competence of employees.

Appreciating ambitious, creative, hard-working people focused on solving problems, we pay special attention to Specialists and Service Managers, on whom it depends to a large extent how the broadly understood team will cope with the challenges posed by the business environment. specialists
and Service Managers focused on their professional development, we enable them to achieve success in their field. For this group of employees, we have introduced a system of internal training aimed at shaping and developing the so-called soft skills. Training topics include: time management, interpersonal communication with elements of assertiveness, team management, influencing people, motivation, periodic evaluation of employees. In addition, Specialists and Service Managers have the opportunity to take part in external training, the subject of which is related to the work performed by them, and which are determined on the basis of the assessment of training needs and company plans.