As a large company operating on the market, we have a Code of Business Ethics. It contains rules and customs of acting in accordance with the law and business ethics

Business ethics

Regardless of the requirements strictly defined by law, our employees should adhere to the highest standards of business and personal ethics. This means that they should always act honestly and ethically, regardless of whether they are dealing with other company employees, third parties, business entities, shareholders, customers, suppliers or administrative bodies.

Our system solutions allow us to prevent conflicts of interest understood as situations in which a private interest of our employee could in any way conflict with the interests of our company.

We do not support political activity, however we encourage all our employees to exercise their civil rights by voting in elections.

Compliance with the law

We strive to comply with the laws, rules and regulations governing the conduct of business wherever we are present. In particular, we strive to build business relations based on the principles of fair competition. We protect intellectual property developed over many years as a valuable asset of our property.

Trainings and education

Through meetings, trainings and discussions, we make sure that our employees know and understand ethical principles and apply them correctly. Every year, we require employees to formally confirm the knowledge and application of the Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, compliance with the law and other procedures.

Anonymous ethical line

We provide our employees, customers and suppliers with a possibility to contact free and anonymous ethics line where they can report actual or potential violations of the above principles:
phone: +48 800800041 and e-mail:

Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (pl)

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct (en)

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