Frequently Asked Questions

How to start cooperation with Agri Plus?

Na mapie pokazującej obszar działania Agri Plus w Polsce trzeba wybrać Koordynatora odpowiedzialnego za Państwa teren i skontaktować się z nim. Można również zadzwonić do siedziby naszej firmy w Poznaniu, tel. (61) 665 79 60 lub wysłać mail na adres:, zostawić swoje dane i poprosić o kontakt.

Are my barns good enough?

Agri Plus opts for barns that are functional and meet the requirements of welfare. During the first visit our representative will help you determine what preparatory works need to be done and what can significantly facilitate pig farming operations. Our system of additional payments helps in preparing the facility to our requirements.

How many pigs can I keep in my barn?

There are many factors that influence the optimal stocking rate in a barn. Type of floor (straw, partial slats, full slats), ventilation efficiency, height of rooms, size of pens, number of drinkers and feed stanchions and applicable legal standards. The final number of heads will be proposed by our representative during the visit on your farm.

Can I grow piglets?

Many of our growers specialize in growing piglets from 7 to 35 kg. The important factors determining whether we can offer you a nursery contract are the location of the barn, standard of the building, installed heating system as well as the needs of Agri Plus and your experience in pig farming. Of course, a specialized building generates higher costs, but we are aware of this, and offer higher payments.

What is the minimum number of animals I can grow at a time?

Due to the costs of supplying the farm with feed and the costs of transporting weaners, and considering the farm’s income, we prefer contracts for a minimum of 300 animals in a single stocking. However, where possible, we encourage the growers to expand or modernize the farms to reach the level of 400-450 weaners.

Is it possible to renovate an empty hen house or cowshed?

We know many positive examples of successful conversions of livestock buildings previously used for poultry, sheep, and cattle. The renovation plan must be agreed on with our representative. We will advise you on how to spend your money optimally to achieve the best results and we will contact you with suppliers of specialized equipment. Our system of additional payments can help adjust the facility to our requirements.

I am a flat-rate farmer, can I establish cooperation with Agri Plus?

Cooperation with Agri Plus can be carried out by both VAT payers and the so-called flat-rate farmers. Unfortunately, unfavorable tax regulations mean that flat-rate growers lose part of their income from finishing. We encourage growers to change to VAT.

Can I grow my own sows and Agri Plus finishers?

Due to the high risk of pig diseases and the ease of their transmission between herds, there is no such possibility. This can cause losses for both parties.

How long are the farmer finishing contracts concluded for?

We are flexible. Our contracts are tailored to the needs and expectations of growers. If a grower wants to conclude a contract only for a period of finishing one group of animals, it is possible. After the end of finishing each group of animals, the grower has the right to resign from further cooperation.

I am thinking about building a new pig farm, how can Agri Plus help me?

Agri Plus provides a layout concept for the construction of a functional barn. The promissory note may be concluded before the barn is built, and its conclusion will facilitate obtaining a loan from the bank. Our consultants will suggest what solutions are worth using and will help the grower to contact equipment suppliers. In addition, a development bonus of PLN 140 will be added to the payment for each finishing space in the constructed barn.

What is the PLN 140 Development Bonus?

Anyone who, for the needs of the contract with Agri Plus, builds a modern barn that meets our requirements, will receive a development bonus of PLN 140 for each finishing space. The bonus will be paid monthly over a period of 10 years. A barn that has already been built, but has never been stocked, can also apply for a development bonus.

What is the PLN 64 Modernization Bonus?

Growers cooperating with Agri Plus, who have older and modernization-requiring buildings, may apply for the PLN 64 modernization bonus. The grower must agree on the plan and scope of the renovation with the appropriate Production Manager. The scope of renovation works must focus on improving ventilation, purchasing a feeding system and feed bins, replacing self-feeders, reducing pens, and installing concrete slats.
The bonus of PLN 64 for each finishing place will be paid monthly for 5 years.

What is FCR and feed bonus?

FCR is the feed conversion ratio, which shows how many kg of feed is needed per kg of animal weight gain. The lower this ratio is, the better. Agri Plus calculates the feed bonus after each finished lot. The bonus can range from PLN 3 per head sold (FCR 2.95-2.99) to PLN 13 per head sold (FCR <2.6).

What is a base payment or rate?

This is a guaranteed amount that each grower receives every month. It is calculated already during the first visit to the grower. The payment depends on the number of heads that can be grown and the fixed rate for a finishing space and grower’s involvement in breeding.
We offer 3 main rates for a finishing space: PLN 30.50, PLN 33.50 and PLN 36.50. For the calculations we assume 2.8 cycles per year, and this is a constant value. We add a development or modernization bonus to the base payment, and a feed bonus, after each completed lot.

What will happen if livestock prices go down or up a lot?

Agri Plus has been operating on the Polish market for many years. Our role is to supply the Animex Meat Processing Plants belonging to our Group. Our contract ensures stable and predictable revenues for the grower regardless of the market situation and secures ZM Animex’s demand for pigs. We keep our commitments.

How can I earn more by working with Agri Plus?

If the sum of the revenues obtained from a farmer finishing contract does not satisfy the grower, then he may conclude another Agri Plus contract. The GFM Plus finishing contract assumes that the grower will take over part of the risk related to growing of finisher pigs, but in return, after achieving very good production results, he will receive a higher remuneration. Our Production Manager will provide you with details of the contract and payment terms.

Can I sell my piglets for Agri Plus?

In periods of increased demand for livestock by the Meat Plants, we purchase weaners and put them on farm finishing. Unfortunately, due to the average size of finishing farms currently built in Poland and the average size of the average Agri Plus contract farm, we are only interested in large groups of piglets. It must be 600-1000 heads born in one week.

What costs does the grower incur?

Pig farming is carried out by the farmer. The grower provides the barn and bears the costs associated with its maintenance (water, electricity, etc.).

What does Agri Plus provide?

Agri Plus provides the grower with monthly income, stable and independent of the situation on the pig and feed market. Agri Plus provides piglets/weaners, complete feed, transport to the grower and meat processing plants, veterinary supervision, and medicines, as well as small zootechnical equipment. Agri Plus covers all related costs.

What is MWF modified finishing?

This is a special form of finishing offered in cooperation with Agri Plus. The barns must enable rearing and feeding of both weaned piglets and finishers, as well as ensure the right temperature for piglets, regardless of the season. Agri Plus Production Manager will help in preparing the buildings. Through our system of payments, we can help prepare the facility to our requirements. The barns are stocked with weaned piglets in the amount twice as large as the target number of finishers. After two months of stay, half of the piglets are transported to another farm and the rest of the animals is grown till finisher weight on site. Such a model optimizes the use of space and ensures higher income for the grower.

I still have a few pregnant sows, piglets, and finishers in various weights, and I want to start farmer finishing with Agri Plus, what should I do?

For animals belonging to Agri Plus to be stocked, there must be no other pigs on the grower’s farm. We can help in the sale of animals by contacting the grower with recipients of livestock, trying to get the best price.

Can I breed cattle or poultry and run pig farming operations with Agri Plus on one farm?

Yes, we only require that different species are not kept in the same building. This prevents effective disinfection of the barn after the end of finishing.

What actions does Agri Plus undertake in relation to ASF?

Agri Plus established and maintains very high biosecurity standards. Both the movement of vehicles transporting pigs, and feed, are subject to control. Also, the movement of employees between farms is subject to strict restrictions. We indicate the necessary safeguards to each grower that they must introduce at their place. We closely cooperate with the Veterinary Supervision.
We conducted a series of trainings for growers “Biosecurity in pig farming with particular emphasis on the African Swine Fever. We cooperate with the Veterinary Inspection and hunting clubs of the Polish Hunting Association in preventing and combating ASF.

Will I be fined if mortality is high?

The veterinarian and Production Manager responsible for Farmer Finishing are in close contact with you and regularly visit the farms. Upon each visit they leave guidelines and recommendations to be implemented. The role of the grower is to strictly execute them. If, despite taking all recommended actions, there will be increased mortality in the standard contract the grower will not be charged with financial penalties. The reasons will be analyzed and if it is due to overstocking, the contract may be reduced. If the barn needs update, it will be determined together with the grower. If the farm always generates high mortality, the cooperation may be terminated.

When can Agri Plus terminate the farmer finishing contract?

The contract for farmer finishing may be terminated in the event of theft of feed or pigs, gross negligence on the part of the grower, poor technical condition of the building and violation of the animal welfare and environmental protection regulations. Also, if the FCR is above 3.15 and despite taking corrective action it is still too high.

Can I meet other growers already cooperating with Agri Plus?

Yes, if you wish, our Production Manager can organize a trip or meeting with growers cooperating with Agri Plus in your area, considering the pandemic situation.

What to do to be included in the Agri Plus newsletter?

It’s easy. It is enough to join the group of Agri Plus growers, build or modernize a barn well and achieve very good production results. Our growers are perceived as experienced and opinion-forming producers in their communities. They are included in agricultural programs and professional magazines. Of course, they can always remain anonymous.

What is Farmer Finishing GFM?

Agri Plus has also introduced a new model of cooperation – Farmer Finishing GFM, where the amount of revenue depends on the achieved production results. We take into account: total gain, feed consumption ratio, mortality, costs of veterinary services, and the correct sale of finishers to meat plants. In this contract, for achieving very good production results indicated above, the grower can obtain an income of PLN 57.50 for each full-value finisher. In case of unfavorable results, the grower will still receive a guaranteed, pre-determined base rate.

What is Cencentrate Finishing GFM?

This is next offer of Agri Plus Farmer Finishing contract, in which growers can obtain over PLN 200 for a finisher sold to meat plants. The contract concluded with the grower assumes that they will use their own grain to produce the highest quality finishers. The grower decides whether they want to sell their grain or use it for feeding. Instead of a complete feed, they buy only concentrate for pig production on their farm. The financial results here are closely related to the production results. Growers improve their income by ensuring the best gain of animals, reducing mortality, or reducing the costs of treatment and amount of concentrate used. Also here the grower is guaranteed a minimum rate for the sold finisher.