We’re taking a long-term view, so we’re looking at the challenges that will soon be faced not only by our business, but by the world as a whole.

In planning the development of our company, we have distinguished 3 areas of our responsibility, within which:
– We thoroughly analyze the implemented activities,
– We measure effects and impact,
– We define measurable goals for the future.


We produce and supply food in a sustainable and safe manner

Animal welfare

  • Good living conditions for animals
  • Animal health and good nutrition
  • Safe transportation of animals
  • Humane slaughter

Food safety

  • Safe food
  • Valuable food


Consciously manage our impact on the environment

Environmental Protection

  • Effective management of resources
  • Renewable energy
  • Environmentally friendly packaging
  • Carbon footprint

Supporting the local community

  • Safe food
  • Valuable food


Safety and development of our employees is our priority

Employee safety

  • Employee safety management
  • Eliminating accidents at work

Employee development

  • Education and development
  • Culture of the organization

Responsibly manage the organization based on the best market standards and practices

The above diagram is a compass for us, setting the course of action in the long term. It helps us know what to focus on when sharing added value with our environment.

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Smithfield Poland 2023 Impact Report
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Impact Report Smithfield Poland 2023
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Sustainable Development Our Priorities 2023
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Sustainable Development Our Priorities in 2023
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