Sustainable development

At all stages, we focus on sustainable development, paying particular attention to those areas that we have defined as our priorities.

Building the value of the Organization
Innovation and being competitive on the market.
Cooperation with local growers, purchase of grains, Farmer finishing – integrating business with the environment.
Mitigating the impact of operating activities and reducing risk through the selection of appropriate technologies.
Timely Taxpayer.
Building human capital.
Animal Welfare
The Agri Plus Animal Welfare Policy covers all own and contract farms.
Agri Plus, guided by the Directive 2001/88/EC, establishing minimum standards for the protection of pigs, has achieved a high level of animal protection. Currently, the company has 100% of collective pens for sows.
All animal transporters have appropriate training and licenses issued by the Veterinary Inspection.
The effective implementation of procedures and instructions on company farms is confirmed by annual animal welfare audits.
Environment – our actions
All Agri Plus facilities have a certified environmental management system ISO 14001: 2015 (27 locations covered by its scope: 14 pig farms, 6 feed mills, 4 poultry hatcheries and 3 poultry farms) issued by the Bureau Veritas Certification in the field of Pig Operations, Feed production, Production of hatching eggs, Hatching and fattening of poultry.
As part of its commitment to the protection of natural resources, Agri Plus participates in the Clean Up the World Days and organizes annual meetings with young people as part of the World Water Monitoring Day.
One of the company’s goals is to achieve the consumption of natural resources, in particular water and electricity per unit of production.
In order to reduce greenhouse gases emissions, the company has started cooperation with biogas plants and continues works related to the possibility of building biogas plants that will cooperate with more farms.
Supporting local communities
Sponsorship of schools in the regions of Agri Plus activity (school aids, books, publications, sports and cultural activities)
Support of community organizations, public interest organizations (Voluntary Fire Departments with fire extinguishing and medical equipment) as well as organizations and associations acting in favor of development of local communities in the regions of Agri Plus production activity.
Food safety and quality
Quality management in our organization consists in comprehensive control of raw materials, the entire production process and feed.
Responsible use of antibiotics in the treatment of animals.
Production of animals in a proprietary production program certified by an independent entity without the use of antibiotics from birth to the sale of the animal to meat processing plants.
Implementation and certification of pig production in the Global G.A.P. standard on selected finishing farms.
Traceability system allowing for full identification of each animal delivered to meat plants.
Feed produced in Agri Plus feed mills covered by the ISO 22000:2005 supply chain safety management system and the Global G.A.P. standard.
A wide spectrum of feed and raw material analysis.
Each feed mill has a laboratory where a number of analyzes of raw materials and feeds are performed.
We pay great importance to regular trainings of employees in the field of quality, welfare and animal safety.