Our values

Cooperation with the best breeders

We invite growers who want to develop, and for whom animal husbandry is a passion, to cooperate in animal farming. We rely on mutual trust. We offer the necessary substantive support, professional veterinary care and balanced feeds at every stage of production.

Animal welfare

Our goal is to rear healthy animals. We have the ambition to be a leader in the field of proper animal rearing in the best conditions. To achieve this, we try to meet all animal welfare requirements at every stage of animal production. We also financially support our contractors so that their faciities could achieve the highest standards.

Positive impact on local communities

We operate throughout Poland, working with local communities. We have close contact with our growers and employees and that is why we support children and schoolchildren with many projects, such as additional meals at schools or purchases of school equipment and teaching aids. We organize social activities such as “Cleaning the World” or “Water Purity Test”. Together with local communities and authorities, we co-host annual festivals and harvest festivals. The Smithfield Polska Foundation runs a scholarship program for the children of our employees and growers studying in high schools and on universities.

Environmental Protection

Through integrated production, we are able to positively influence the environment around us. Within the available solutions, means and resources, we are able to reduce the consumption of water, energy, greenhouse gas emissions and the amount of solid waste. We have the ISO 14001 certificate – Environmental management system for animal production and the ISO 22000 certificate – Environmental management system for feed production.

Being a valued employer

We owe the strength and development of the company to our employees and partners. It is thanks to them that we are the largest company of this type in Poland. One of our priorities as an employer is to take care of our employees by ensuring their work safety and development. We have introduced special projects related to maintaining health and safety rules and professional development. We do everything to be an attractive employer offering interesting and safe work based on transparent rules.