Collection of cereals

Jeśli jesteście Państwo związani z nami kontraktem tuczowym możemy zaproponować preferencyjne zasady zakupu zbóż. Jako, że nasze paszowozy są na Państwa lub okolicznych fermach cyklicznie możemy w drodze powrotnej odbierać nimi surowiec. W sprawie sprzedaży prosimy o kontakt z kupcami terenowymi, na których namiary znajdziecie Państwo tutaj lub z opiekunem fermy.

In order to eliminate quality problems in the goods that we collect from your warehouses with our transport, our employee will appear in the warehouse before the start, who collects representative samples and transfers them to the plant to which the goods will be delivered. After receiving the results of the laboratory analysis, he will contact you. If the result is positive, we will sign a contract and start acceptance, if it is necessary to carry out treatments to bring the grain to acceptable quality, we will also provide such information. In the absence of a transaction, such analysis costs you nothing, and its advantage is that we gain certainty as to the parameters of the purchased raw material.

If the parameters of the grain meet our requirements and the factory takes place, our buyer of the raw material will agree the price with you and sign the contract. The price can be calculated with your delivery or on your farm.