General rules

The quality of purchased cereals is of primary importance to us. The result of the fattening and ultimately the company depends on the raw material that goes into the feed. Therefore, in the autumn of 2013, we introduced significant changes in our approach to the quality of grains we receive.

In each location there are people responsible for assessing the parameters of the raw material that reaches the plant. Our facilities have first-class accuracy analyzers and samples are taken with automatic Rakoraf samplers. In order to seal the system, we decided to suspend the functioning of the deduction table. Every means of transport is analyzed, even if we collect the goods from the indicated location.

In order to eliminate quality problems in the goods that we collect from your warehouses with our transport, our employee will appear in the warehouse before the start, who collects representative samples and transfers them to the plant to which the goods will be delivered. After receiving the results of the laboratory analysis, he will contact you. If the result is positive, we will sign a contract and start acceptance, if it is necessary to carry out treatments to bring the grain to acceptable quality, we will also provide such information. In the absence of a transaction, such analysis costs you nothing, and its advantage is that we gain certainty as to the parameters of the purchased raw material.

W sprawie sprzedaży prosimy o kontakt z pracownikami działu surowcowego. Namiary na nich znajdziecie Państwo tutaj.