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We have full control over the entire food chain

Scope of our activities

Since 2000 Agri Plus Sp. z o.o. develops pig breeding in Poland based on its own model of farmer fattening. Then in 2018. The company began to develop chicken broiler breeding. In 2020. We have introduced a new program of small mother farms. We offer a safe and stable cooperation offer. The Company’s activities include crop production and feed production integrated with pig and poultry farming. We support Polish breeders, our activities are focused on family farms. We are characterized by care for welfare standards and care for the natural environment.


Agri Plus assumes support for Polish breeders in their pig farming. The breeder is independent of the market situation.


The aim of Agri Plus is to obtain the highest quality live poultry while maintaining care for the natural environment.



We are a manufacturer of complete feed mixtures and complementary feed mixtures for poultry and pigs.


Agri Plus deals not only with the production of pigs, but also with its transport. We transport piglets, weaners, fattening pigs, gilts, as well as sows and boars reaching a weight of up to 260kg.

Transport Agri Plus

Sustainable development

We focus on sustainability, paying particular attention to the quality of raw materials and products, animal welfare and environmental protection.

Crop production

On agricultural land we grow grain, rapeseed and sugar beets. All the grain produced is used for the production of feed in our factories.