Poultry farming

The aim of Agri Plus is to obtain the highest quality live poultry while maintaining care for the natural environment. The priority is harmonious cooperation with family farms, whose breeding is the most important part of our business.

We conclude contracts for:
Integrated chicken broiler farmer finishing
Delivery of chicks
Delivery of feed
Veterinary services
Collection of livestock
Settlement of materials supplied in form of compensation
Simple settlement based on production result
Independence from the livestock market
Professional consultancy in the field of renovation and adaptation of livestock buildings
We also offer other models of cooperation on the poultry market
Finishing chicken broilers with a guaranteed repurchase price
Delivery of chicks
Collection of livestock
Possibility to use own production feed
Possibility of using selected veterinary services
Simple settlement based on production costs – chicks, feed and other costs
Hatcheries – purchase of chicken and goose eggs, contracting of geese, sale of chicks
Sale of hen and goose chicks
Sale of chicks with the option of contracting poultry at Animex sp. z o.o.
Purchase of chicken and goose eggs